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Things to know before your first RV trip

Is this the year you embark on your very first RV trip? Before setting off, take some time to gather the know-how you need for a successful holiday.

What to pack

You don’t want to leave important gear at home, but you also don’t want to drag along extra weight and clutter. From meal planning to organization hacks, read through our packing tips and tricks.

Where you’ll be going

With so many great destinations and road trip routes, choosing where to go can be one of hardest parts of planning your first camping trip. Our blog archive is full of great destination suggestions, and we’ve also shared some advice for planning a great road trip route.

How to budget for your trip

What do you need to include when setting a budget for your next RV vacation? Your main expenses will usually be the cost of fuel to get to your destination, food, site fees, and firewood. Learn more about RV vacation budgeting, as well as our money saving tips.

RV driving or towing practice

The first time setting out on the road in a large RV or pulling a trailer can be intimidating. It takes practice to get comfortable and get a sense of how your vehicle handles while turning, accelerating, braking, and reversing your RV. Spend some time in a vacant lot or quiet rural area to try it out. Check out our tips for driving a large motorhome, or towing safety tips.

Safety procedures and precautions

From mechanical maintenance to medical precautions, stay safe on your trip with these tips for the whole family, pets included.

When heading out for your first RV trip, you can rely on the advice and expertise of your local RV Care Dealership. Download our app to find the nearest one to you!

How to set up camp

Once you’ve pulled into your site, it’s time to set up camp! From hooking up your sewer to rolling out the welcome mat, there are several steps to go through. Have your RV’s manual on hand, and read through the steps.

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