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Driving Tips for Large Motorhomes

Taking command of a large motorhome and guiding it out onto the road for the first time can be a bit nerve-wracking. Many first-time motorhome owners have only driven small vehicles, and the leap to a Class A motorhome seems enormous.

Bucars RV Centre Sales Consultant, Keith Crone, a motorhome owner himself, has taught many new owners how to drive. He shared some of his top tips to help new owners get comfortable behind the wheel.

Put your fears at ease

The first step to feeling comfortable while driving is to calm your nerves by answering any fears. A common concern is that a motorhome of that size simply won’t fit on the roads. This is usually not true, as roads in North America are engineered for a vehicle of this size. Just think about firetrucks and construction vehicles who routinely navigate city streets.

Take advantage of increased visibility

When you sit in the driver’s seat of a Class A motorhome, you will have a truly commanding view. Quite unlike the view from a car, you will be sitting up higher than most of the vehicles around you, providing a much better view of the road and what’s ahead. Remember that you will also be very visible to surrounding vehicles.

Learn your lane placement

Driving a large vehicle means you will take up more of your lane, so it is important to learn how to quickly reference to find the center line and shoulder, ensuring you stay safely within your lane.

Mind the corners

Your turning radius is not the same as a smaller vehicle, so be sure to slow down and take a wider turn when going right.

Utilize the latest technology 

Back up cameras and side vision cameras mean less guess work and more confidence when backing up your motorhome.

Know your height

Now that you’re driving a much taller vehicle, it’s important to know just how tall you are, so you can confidently travel under bridges or through tunnels with marked height restrictions.

Practice makes perfect

It’s completely normal to feel apprehensive when driving a large motorhome for the first time. Just like driving a car, it takes time and practice to get comfortable, and empty parking lots are the perfect place to practice.

We hope this advice helps you get out on the road with confidence! If you have any questions about driving a large motorhome, talk to the experts at your local RV Care dealership.

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