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8 Camping Breakfast Ideas

A great day camping starts with a delicious breakfast! From make-ahead sandwiches to decadent pancakes, try out some of these recipes on your next RV trip.

Cast Iron Frittata

A hearty way to start the day, this cast iron frittata features blistered cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and shallots layered together with cheese and eggs.

Spinach, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Skillet

This one-pan breakfast of sautéed mushrooms, wilted, garlicky spinach and eggs is topped with crumbled goat cheese. 

Skillet Baked French Toast

A thick, layered and delicious pan of French toast, baked over the campfire in a cast-iron skillet. 

Johnny Apple Seed Oatmeal

A hearty bowl of oatmeal will warm you up on a cool morning at the campsite. This recipe combines apples, a seasonal spice mix, maple syrup, and a mix of chia, flax, and hemp seeds for added protein. 

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

An extra-decadent breakfast, these campfire cinnamon rolls come together quick thanks to a store-bought biscuit mix, and are cooked over the fire.

One-Pot Campfire Power Breakfast

Combining protein, nutritious veggies and big flavours, this breakfast is made in a Dutch oven, with no chopping required.

Pancakes with Campfire Grilled Peaches and Pecans

Pancakes are a quick and easy breakfast to cook up at the campsite, and you can make them even tastier by topping them with grilled fruit and chopped nuts

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Adding scrambled eggs and sausage to the usual filling of melted cheese transforms grilled cheese into the perfect breakfast food.

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