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The Best RV Cleaning Products for Fall

Your RV has put in a lot of work over the summer, gathering dirt and grime along the way, so it’s time for a good fall cleaning, especially if your RV is heading for winter storage. Arm yourself with these powerful RV Care Approved cleaning products that will get the job done!

Black Streak Remover

Those dreaded black streaks! Caused by oxidation of the window and door sealants and rubber roof membrane, Magic-Boss Black Streak Remover is specially formulated to easily remove the stubborn black marks.

Rubber Roof Cleaner 

Specially formulated for the tough job, Magic-Boss Rubber Roof Cleaner will thoroughly clean EPDM rubber roof membranes, removing dirt, stains, contaminants and residue without damaging the membrane. If you want to take it one step further, follow with the rubber roof treatment. It will provide protection against UV rays and reduces oxidation of the rubber membrane that is responsible for causing black streaks to begin with.

Wash and Wax

A gentle, but powerful shampoo with dual-action, deep cleaning capabilities, give your RV an all-over scrub with Magic-Boss Wash & Wax. It will leave a satisfyingly smooth, glossy finish, and is ideal for regular maintenance.

Citrus Awning Cleaner 

Don’t roll your awning away for the winter without giving it a good scrub! Safe for awnings and surfaces made of vinyl, acrylic, canvas or fabric, the Magic-Boss Citrus Awning Cleaner is uniquely formulated to remove dirt, tree sap and tough stains. It contains mildewcide agents that prevent mold and mildew growth, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you roll your awning back out in the spring,

You can purchase these products individually, or get these and more with a Deluxe or Platinum RV Care Kit, online or in store at your local RV Care dealership. Questions? Be sure to stop by your local RV Care Dealership for all the supplies and know-how to get the job done.

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