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RVing with your Dog

Are you planning to bring your dog along on their first RV trip? From safe travel tips to campground activities, check out our advice for a smooth and enjoyable journey for both of you! 

Stock your RV with pet travel supplies 

Create a packing list for your dog. As well as the usual food dishes, food, treats, leash, and waste bags, be prepared with a pet first-aid and grooming kit, towels and wipes for cleaning up messes, and a few familiar toys.

Decide where your dog will sleep 

Keep to your regular routine when it comes to bedtime. If your dog usually sleeps in your bed, allow the same in the RV, or if they usually sleep in a dog bed or crate, be sure to bring it along.

Travel safely 

Have a safe place for your pet to ride during the trip to the campsite. Go with a secured carrier or crate,  or a seat belt harness. 

Keep active

Try to provide the same amount of exercise that you typically do at home. Some RV parks and campgrounds have fenced-in, off-leash areas for traveling pups, or if you’re staying at a provincial park, take advantage of the trails a nice long walk.

Don’t forget ID 

Losing track of your dog while away from home is stressful. Remember to use your mobile number as the contact on their tag, and have a photo to show if you’re out searching for an escaped pup.

Be a good neighbour 

Follow all campsite leash and pet guidelines, and always pick up after your pet! While at the campground, consider a long leash or portable fence that will give your dog a comfortable space to roam, while keeping them safely in your site.

Have you ever taken an RV trip with your dog? Do you have any tips to add? Share them with us on our social networks!

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