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Mobile RV Service Calls in New Glasgow & Sydney, Nova Scotia

Don't Unplug. We can come to you!

AT STONES RV we offer a Mobile Service option for all of our customers. If you purchased your RV from STONES RV and we delivered your unit to your lot, you can feel safe in knowing that this option exists.

We have 3 Fully Dedicated Mobile RV Technicians, each with a well equipped Service Truck, who's primary aim is to maintain and repair the RVs of our many loyal and valuable customers.

We realize that taking care of these customers is the reason Stones has grown so much over the years. We, at STONES RV, appreciate and thank our many wonderful customers for their continued business.

Our Mobile Service Units can perform many of the services offered In-House at our locations in New Glasgow and Sydney, like the following:

Regular Maintenance: Roofing and caulking check, Rubber Roof Treatment, Slide Room Service, Furnace and Water Heater Service/Cleaning, Winterizing & Summerizations. Unfortunately we are unable to complete Motor Vehicle Inspections on-site.

Appliances: Diagnostics, repairs and/or replacements.

Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting & Repairs.

Plumbing System: Pressure testing, Leak repairs, Parts replacements, etc.

Warranty Repairs: Both Manufacturer and Extended Warranty Repairs

Insurance Estimates and Repairs: *Some major repairs may need to be done In-Shop as needed.

General Repairs, Parts & Accessories and many other....

Mobile Repairs are Scheduled on a Priority (such as a propane leak), Damage and Time Sensitivity Basis. We will do our very best to schedule your concern as quickly as possible on that basis. 

Mobile Service Calls "Transportation Charges" are priced as Follows:     Measured from our New Glasgow or Sydney Locations

Within 50 kms                       $50.00
51 to 100 kms                       $90.00
101 to 150 kms                     $130.00
151 to 200 kms                     $170.00
Over 200 kms                       $1.30 per km (one way)

Above Pricing does not show Customer Loyalty Discounts Available

The services required once at your location will be billed in addition to the Transportation Charges above. Our variable labour rates, or menu priced rates will apply.

***All Mobile Service Calls must be supported by a Credit Card on file and the customer must authorize the use of this credit card and agree to the charges so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in the warranty and work order. No cash payment is available on-site. 

Please remember to unlock your "dead bolt lock", make arrangement for keys or be present for mobile calls as we have been forced to charge for this inconvenience. The Picture below outlines which lock is your dead bolt lock:


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What our customers are saying

“Trailer is all set up & I have got to say I am beyond impressed with you guys and the 3 guys that delivered the trailer. I cant even put into words, they did everything so perfectly and made this experience a good one. Thank you thank you thank you!” ~ Brianna Somerton