RV Insurance for New and Used RV’s in New Glasgow & Sydney, NS

Critical Illness

Critical Illness 1 1 2Creditor Group Critical Illness Insurance takes care of your financial obligation in case you are diagnosed with the following conditions:

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Life Insurance Protection 

life 1 1 1In the event of your untimely death, your remaining financial obligation of your RV paid off.

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Accident & Health Insurance

disability illness 1 1 3

Accident & Health Insurance is a Payment Protection Plan. If you are unable to work due to sickness, accident at home or on the job, the payment protection will assure your monthly RV payments

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Customer Referral Program

At Stones RV we truly value our customers business. As a token of our appreciation we would like to extend our sincere “Thank You” by offering a Customer Referral Program. Learn More

What our customers are saying

“Trailer is all set up & I have got to say I am beyond impressed with you guys and the 3 guys that delivered the trailer. I cant even put into words, they did everything so perfectly and made this experience a good one. Thank you thank you thank you!” ~ Brianna Somerton