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Stones RV Leather and Vinyl Protection for RV’s in NS

protection rv interiorYour RV’s interior deserves an invisible shield. You spend so much quality time in your RV, so it is inevitable that at some point, someone (or something) will soil your vehicle’s fabric carpet or seats. It’s a part of life and a significant detractor from your RV’s resale value. We make sure that no spill becomes a permanent stain on your RV’s interior fabric.

Leather & Vinyl Protection. The Diamond Kote® Leather & Vinyl Protection creates an invisible semi-permeable barrier which protects all leather & vinyl surfaces from accidental spills. Its unique chemistry allows the leather to breathe naturally and maintain the necessary natural moisture balance to ensure a smooth supple finish for a long time. Unlike most commercial leather and vinyl treatments, the Diamond Kote® product utilizes a unique semi-permeable water-based formula that keeps most stains from penetrating, allowing for quick and easy clean up. This product is backed by a fully insured warranty and guaranteed to last.

The Enemy

Protect your RV’s interior to keep it looking newer, longer.


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