Why You Need To Use A Water Pressure Regulator

7 August 2018

City WaterPicture this: You've just arrived at the campsite after a long journey, you back the camper in perfectly on your first attempt, you seamlessly level the RV and begin to hook up your water, sewer and electricity connections. When you turn the water on inside the camper, suddenly the plastic flex pipes inside the camper burst and you find your trailer is filling with water faster than you can say "I missed a step!"

So, what went wrong?

The water pressure in the city water connection was too high, causing the pipes to rupture.

The pipes and faucets in your RV are designed to handle water pressures up to 45PSI, and since the water pressure in campground hookups may fluctuate, it's important to always travel with and use a water pressure regulator. If you don't use a regulator and water damage occurs as a result, it's possible your RV warranty won't cover any resulting repairs or failures.

Water Pressure Regulator


These regulators are available for purchase in our parts stores. Installing a water pressure regulator on the city water end of your water hookup will regulate the pressure to 45PSI. This protects your investment from a water pressure surge and keeps your camping trip the way it should be: stress-free!


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