Should You Leave Your RV Hot Water Tank On?

5 November 2018

Should you leave the hot water on all the time or just turn it on when needed?

rv water heater gasThis is a common question and it is a very case specific answer. In a lot of cases the hot water can run on propane or electric. Some campers will run it all the time so that if they want to shower or clean up they can do it without any thought or planning. This will not shorten the life of the hot water heater or damage the system in any way.

This will however use your propane or the campgrounds electricity and cost either yourself or the campground money.  The tanks in the trailers are well insulated and will keep the water hot for some time. So it will be available for hand washing or instances where only warm water is needed.  If you need hot water for showering or cleaning then you just flick the hot water switch and it should only take a few minutes to heat the tank

Environmentally Friendly 250So the answer is, it doesn’t hurt anything to have it on all the time, but environmentally and economically it is better to only turn it on when you are going to need it.

So if it takes a few more minutes for the water to heat up remember you are camping, relax enjoy the great outdoors as you wait for the water to heat up.

What are your thoughts on leaving your RV Hot Water heater on?

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