Should I Buy An RV Cover?

24 September 2018

To make a long story short: Yes.

But that isn't the reason you opened this article. You want to know how an RV cover will help to protect your investment in the long run, right? So let's break it down.


UV Protection:

Long-term sun exposure is one of the leading causes of value-loss in trailers. You can see yourself the effects of sun exposure as paint & fabrics fade over time, but think of what is also happening to the metal and plastic underneath that paint. If the paint is damaged, the underlying surfaces are most likely compromised as well. But it isn't just stick-n-tin owners who need to worry - UV rays are also damaging to fibreglass and rubber, causing oxidization and chalkiness.

Trailer covers, such as the ADCO All Climate + Wind covers sold in our Sydney & New Glasgow Parts Stores,  offer superior UV protection with triple top and sidewall layers of polypropylene material. These fabrics are created to block up to 99.8% of the sun’s rays and 98% of dust particles that are more than 3 micrograms. That's a lot of protection!


Mildew & Mold Prevention:

The ADCO All Climate + Wind covers not only repel UV rays, but breathability allows condensation to evaporate through the fabric. Plastic tarps may help a little in preventing UV damage, but they will also trap in moisture which can cause mildew and mold. And 'mold' is one of the dirtiest words you could say to an RVer.

Bugs & Rodents:

It's finally spring after another longgg Maritime winter. Imagine your surprise when you excitedly open your trailer door like a kid on Christmas morning only to find - someone has been treating your camper like an AirBnB for the past 6 months. 

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A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of your finger, which is why that extra layer of rodent and bug protection is so important. The All Climate + Wind RV cover is designed to fit snugly around your RV, with an internal strap system that clinches at the top *and* bottom of your trailer! 

The exterior of your RV gets added protection from critters as well - the fabric is resistant to the acids found in bird droppings, which can otherwise eat through paints and metals.

Bonus Tire Protection: 

If you've read our last blog on RV Tire Care, you know the sun can take a toll on your tires as well. ADCO RV covers come with 4 free travel tire guards made out of the same polypropylene material to keep your tires in good driving condition for longer.

RVCOVERsocialThe lightweight material is easy to maneuver over your RV

At the end of the day, you've invested your hard-earned money into your RV and it makes sense to protect that investment during the winter months. By spending a little more money up front on a designated RV cover, you can prevent sun and moisture damage caused by using cheaper tarps or no coverage at all. 

Lastly, be sure to measure your RV properly before buying a cover. A cover that is too large for your trailer will hang loose and billow in the wind. If you have any questions on measuring your RV or would like to inquire about pricing for individual trailer sizes, please contact your nearest Parts Department:

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