RV Service FAQs

24 July 2018

Service Team600The Stone's RV service teams have a lot of knowledge and experience, so we thought we'd ask them what questions they hear most often from customers. Surprisingly, a lot of these questions may have very simple answers or solutions! We've put together a list of common RV Service FAQs along with advice from our experts.  If you still feel like you're stumbling in the dark, call your nearest team for assistance or to book an appointment!

New Glasgow: 1-800-352-4419

Sydney: 1-877-452-6111

Q: Why won't my hot water heater work while plugged in?
A: There are two switches, one located on the hot water heater on the outside of the trailer and one on the inside control panel. Make sure both of these are switched to the 'on' position.

Q: Why will my water get warm but not hot?
A: It's possible the bypass valve is open or partially open. Many RVers forget to switch the valve back to the closed position after dewinterizing their units, or sometimes the valve just turns slightly resulting in warm water. 

Q: My A/C and furnace are coming on at the same time - what do I do?
A: Make sure the setting on your thermostat is switched to 'Auto'.

Q: My A/C is on but my trailer is still warm or muggy - is my A/C broken?
A: On especially hot or humid days, there's only so much your A/C can do. Try to beat the heat by turning your A/C on in the morning and get a head start on it.

Q: I hooked the hose up but no water is coming out. What's going on?
A: Make sure you haven't hooked your hose into the black tank flush. 

Q: Where can I find my tire pressure?
A: Tire pressure is located on the manufacturer's sticker, next to your inspection sticker on the side of the trailer. Always go by the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer's sticker, not what is on the tire itself.

Q: How come my wall outlets aren't working?
A: Your GFI may need to be reset. Reset it by pushing the red or yellow button usually found on the bathroom outlet. This will reset all outlets in the trailer.

Q: How do you turn off the fan by the converter?
A: As long as the trailer is plugged in, this fan will remain running.

Q: Why does my gauge say my tank is full when I just emptied it?
A: Your tank sensor may be blocked or obstructed by debris and need cleaning. We sell tank cleaning chemicals in our Parts Stores. Remember to use toilet paper specifically for RVing and avoid putting food debris down your sink to prevent blockages.

Q: Why do I need to use RV toilet paper?
A: This toilet paper is designed to dissolve in RV tank chemicals. Regular toilet paper, paper towel, feminine hygiene products etc will not break down in the tank chemicals and can create problems for your RV sewer system.

Q: Why isn't my fridge working?
A: Double check your propane isn't empty, your battery is charged or check your power supply. 

Hopefully knowing the possible answers to these questions will help you on your next trip. Until then, happy camping!

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