RV Awning Maintenance

29 May 2018


If you ask most RVers what their favourite past-time is while camping, typically the answer falls under the awning...whether it be reading, socializing, eating, or just relaxing... the RV awning provides a great location, decor, rain cover and sun shade.

With normal usage and proper maintenance, an RV awning should last the lifetime of the RV. There are some important things to remember for proper RV awning care.

1. Don't put it away wet. You should avoid rolling up and storing a wet awning as this can lead to mildew and rot. Let your awning air dry before packing it up to leave the campground. If this is unavoidable, simply open up your RV awning and allow it to dry once you reach your destination. Don't store the awning for a long period of time while wet.

2. Wash your awning when necessary. Overscrubbing your RV awning or using harsh detergents can lead to wearing down of the fabric, or potentially removing the mildew- or UV-resistent coat that is present on most awnings. We recommend washing your awning with a professional grade Awning Cleaner, available at our Parts Stores. These professional products also help give your awning extra protection against UV damage caused by the sun. 

Stone's Favourite: We recommend the Mirage 2000 Citrus Awning Cleaner, sold exclusively in-store.

3. Don't go flappin' in the wind. Prevent wear and tear on your awning by installing a De-Flapper, available in our Parts Stores. These are quick to install and help stabilize your awning when winds pick up. If you're the type to open up your awning and leave it open all weekend, you'll want to consider even more security with an Awning Stabilizer


There are some tell-tale signs your awning may need repair or replacement:

Awning 6001. It is very hard to extend or retract. A normal functioning awning should slide in and out with very little effort whether it is a manual or power. Needed excessive force to close it is a sign that all is not well.

2. You cannot adjust the pitch of the awning and it doesn’t move easily in its slide. It may have gotten bent or twisted and is another sign that the awning may need to be replaced.

3. The fabric of your awning is spotted, stained, mildewed, worn or faded.  If this sounds like your awning, you may only need to replace the awning skin. If that is all you need, make sure you check all the hardware, arms and springs of you awning when you do replace the skin.

4. Visible damage to the awning arms or tube; sounds logical but some people keep using them when there are visible signs of damage. This can lead to more expensive repairs or even injury if you are not careful.

A good awning gives you shade from the sun, protection from light rain and a nice, relaxing place to enjoy your time camping.

For questions about awning parts and maintenance, please give our Parts Stores a call at: 

New Glasgow 1-902-752-3164 x 515

Sydney 1-902-564-9095

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