How To Prepare Your RV For Winter

16 October 2018

Winter joke
Sometimes the only thing you can do to prepare for a maritime winter is laugh (cry?)

When you think RV winterizing, you probably think 'anti-freeze' - and that's an important part of RV care, but not the only thing you should consider when readying yourself for the winter months! Properly preparing your RV for the cold season involves taking into consideration the water systems, the battery, ventilation, rodents, moisture control and appliances as well. 

To make this process easier, here is a simplified checklist to help you stay organized while preparing for the coming winter - may it be a short one!!

  1. Properly winterize your RV with anti-freeze to prevent cracking of waterlines due to freezing.
  2. Care for and close all your slides. This will help prevent water, moisture and snow entering the unit.
  3. Store in a covered area if possible, away from trees, bushes and debris.
  4. Wash the exterior of the RV and clean the interior. Cleaning the unit will help eliminate mold, mildew, dirt and odour.
  5. If choosing an RV cover, be sure it's made of breathable material to prevent mold and mildew.
  6. If not using an RV Cover, an Air Conditioner cover and tire covers are recommended so the A/C unit doesn’t take in leaves, snow and water. Keeping the tires covered will help with cracking.
  7. Angle the front tongue jack downward to assist in water and snow runoff during the off season. This will provide less water build up around the unit.
  8. Make sure all blinds are closed to prevent sun and ultra violet rays exposing your furniture, carpet, appliances and finishes.
  9. Remove all food and perishables from your RV. This can attract unwanted rodents or cause mold through the winter months.
  10. Defrost and clean the fridge interior to keep the fridge performing well during the summer.
  11. Prop the fridge doors open to allow air flow. This will help prevent nasty odours.
  12. Inspect all seams on windows, doors, roof vents etc. for cracked caulking, and reseal if necessary
  13. Cover all propane vents - Fridge, furnace, hot water to help prevent insects & rodents from entering unit.
  14. Remove propane tanks and batteries for safe storage.
  15. Use DampRid in the unit to absorb moisture while stored. 

*Check out this great podcast from RV Care on winter storage preparation!

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