Campground Review: Whispering Winds Family Campground

11 September 2018

Every year for the past 4 years, a group of our high school friends get together Labor Day weekend to camp at Whispering Winds Campground.

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We choose this place because it is central for everyone, and they have late quiet hours! Our family would usually go, but only stay a night or two because we were tenting. This year, we stayed the 3 nights and had a BLAST! We were in a group spot and booked early enough so that all of our friends were in the same spot. It was a great set up. The area is on a hill, but they supplied us with wooden planks that helped us to get our camper level.


The sites are a bit on the small side and it felt a bit narrow trying to back in, but that didn’t bother us at all. Also, each site had a picnic table and a fire pit, which I assume is standard for most campgrounds.

For the long weekend, they packed it with fun events! There was bingo, darts, a kids dance with a DJ and an adult dance with a band, a Miss Whispering Winds pageant, and an amazing fireworks display!! I was very impressed by the fireworks, they were incredible.


They have a nice pool, with a shallow and a deep end. It also has a big slide that my kids loved. There is also an adult only pool by the event hall that is gated and adults have a swipe key to access it. They have a big playground with a zip line, a really neat climbing structure and a basketball court.

ww playground pool bball

There was a rec hall with shuffleboard and pool, and also a few video game machines. Also, my kids were impressed with the variety of ice cream flavours at the store! They LOVE ice cream, as you could probably tell if you have been following my blogs this summer.

pool ice crem

Something fun that happens each morning is a small school bus drives around the campground playing children’s songs and takes the kids for a drive! It is so much fun! The kids pile on and off the bus for about 45 minutes while the driver tries to get around to all of the kids that want a drive! The bus driver was great, and so friendly.

school bus

Our crew organized a fun baseball game in the field with all of the parents and kids. There is a nice big green space close to where our site was for activities like that. There is also another smaller playground in this space. We also realized there is a golf course within walking distance! We knew it was close, but didn’t realize the campground was connected to it!


The quiet hour on Friday is midnight, and Saturday is 1 am; however, many people had their fires burning much later than that! It wasn’t noisy though, as most people were respectful and just kept to their own sites after quiet hour. The relaxed curfew is appealing to our group, we like to spend a lot of time around the fire in the evenings!

campfire ww

One thing that I wanted to do this summer was get to the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, and since we didn’t get there before our trip, I decided to take the kids during the weekend! It was only a 5 minute drive from the campground! Charlotte and I went around supper time, as she is the animal lover in the family, and we went at a great time to see all of the animals walking around. It had started to cool down, so the animals didn’t need to hide in the shade. 


shubie bear

 The campground was lots of fun with swimming and lots of space to bike, however, I would have to say our big adventure for the weekend was going mud sliding in the Shubenacadie River!

muddy kids


The tide was out, and the kids had a blast sliding down the mud hills into the squishy mud of the river. Many of the bigger kids would run into the middle of the river, rinse off, and then dive back into the mud. I asked my kids what their favourite part of the weekend was, and this was it! It was a big task to clean them after, but the experience was worth it. A word of caution though, if anyone decides to try this out, please make sure you never let children go alone as the tide comes in so fast! Our kids were in the mud, and we had about 10 parents watching, and even we were caught off guard by how quickly the tide rushes in. In the future, I would check the tides ahead of time to make sure the kids have some time to play, and so you don’t get caught in a dangerous situation! We were all fine and out of the water in time, but there were a couple of nervous minutes!


We had a great weekend at Whispering Winds and are looking forward to our return next year for the long weekend! It’s a great weekend to go because of all of the fun things that are planned.

This will officially be my last blog for the season! We have the camper cleared out and ready for storage. We found an indoor facility where we will store it for the winter, however; we still need to find out exactly what we need to do to winterize it. With the indoor storage, I’m not sure what is required! One thing that I wanted to mention is that Josh and I purchased a 1 1⁄2 half inch thick foam to put on top of our mattress for this trip. I didn’t mind the mattress we had, but that extra cushion actually made the bed more comfy than my own bed at home! It wasn’t very thick and it wasn’t the most expensive foam I could have chosen, but it made a huge difference in our quality of sleep! I sleep better in the camper than I do at home! Sleep is important to me - I think that is the biggest reason why I don’t like to tent because I do not sleep well in a tent! Highly recommend a foam!

We had an incredible summer. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed summer so much. The weather was beautiful, camping with friends and family was so much fun, and the campgrounds we chose to stay on this year were great!! If you are someone who is considering getting a camper, I would highly recommend just going for it! The staff at Stone's RV were so helpful to us and set us up the right way so we always had positive experiences. Even emptying our grey and black tanks went smoothly because we were prepared and knew what to expect! We have zero regrets about purchasing ours and are already planning our summer camping trips for next season! I will be back next year blogging about some new campgrounds we visit!

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Until next time, happy camping!

LACEY75Lacey Cyr is a wife, mom of 2, math teacher and first-time camper from Halifax, NS reviewing her family's campground experiences for Stone's RV as they travel this summer 


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