Are you tired of seeing a price online and ... when you  sign the papers, there are extra expenses added like Delivery and PDI fees that add thousands of dollars to the price? All of a sudden; your $215 bi-weekly payment is now $300. This is NOT a great way to start such an exciting adventure as purchasing a new RV.

At STONES RV, we disclose the full price up front.  There are no surprises. That's the STONES RV Promise!

At first glance, when we Include a 70 Point Inspection, a Fully Personalized Orientation of Your RV, an MVI, Freight, Propane and Battery; this  may make our prices appear more than the competition but we believe from an integrity point of view ...  it’s better to be honest and upfront and stand behind the quality of all the RV’s we offer.

Our GOAL here at STONES RV is to help YOU find the RIGHT RV that best suits your needs, then to settle for something less.

Our Stated Pricing Includes:

Taxes & Fees To Be Added To Our Price:

** Trades Taken at Wholesale For Sale Pricing

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What our customers are saying

“I wanted to thank the entire Team at Stones RV for their support and service during the purchase and post purchase. They go the extra step for their customers. No regrets selecting Stones for providing our RV” ~ David Marshall